Series 11

Every Tuesday in November 2018
Guest Artistic Director: Hollie Harding

Tuesday 6 November 2018, 1pm: Celebrating 'ABRSM Spectrum'
Michiko Shimanuki (piano)

Diana Burrell (b. 1948): Constellations I and II (1995)
Karen Tanaka (b. 1961): Lavender Field (2000)
Poul Ruders (b. 1949): Shooting Stars (1999)
Edwin Roxburgh (b. 1937): Moonscape (1996)
Philip Cashian (b. 1963): Landscape (1995); Slow Moon (1997)
Michiko Shimanuki (b. 1969): First Snow (2018); Climbing Roses (2018); Orion 1 (2018); Dead Still (2015); Another Life (2015); Blue, Blood Moon (2018) World Premiere
Barry Mills (b. 1949): Snowscape (2018) World Premiere; 'Nocturne' from Piano Sketches for Children (1978)

Tuesday 13 November 2018, 1pm: Duo Ardoré in Italy
Rebecca Raimondi (violin), Alessandro Viale (piano)

Daniele Carnini (b. 1974): L'Arte Della Divinazione (2017) UK Premiere
Dimitri Scarlato (b. 1977): New Work (2018) World Premiere
Marco Quagliarini (b. 1973): Ricercare (2013) UK Premiere
Massimo Munari (b. 1976): Ante Caudam (2017) UK Premiere
Paolo Marchettini (b. 1974): Dialogo Nascosto (2017)

Tuesday 20 November 2018, 1pm: Martin Read Foundation Showcase
Introduction by Judith Weir, Master of the Queen's Music and MRF Patron

Chris Goodman
(clarinet, bass clarinet), Jonathan Beatty (piano)
Oren Hirtenstein (b. 2001): Three Sketches (2017)
Owen Russell (b. 1999): Journey to the Land of Dreams (2017)
Sam Carr (b. 1998): Winter’s Omega (2017)
Catherine Upfold (b. 1995): Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area (2017)
Freddie Hodkin (b. 1997):Umbra
Ellen Drewe (b. 1997): I Know You Are, but What Am I? World Premiere
Simon Speare (b. 1962):Nuggets (selection) (2017)
Howard Skempton (b. 1947): Nocturnes and Reflections (selection) (1995-2002)

Tuesday 27 November 2018, 1pm: Featured Instrument: Viola
Katherine Clarke (viola), Ben Smith (piano)

Hilary Tann (b. 1947)
:The Cresset Stone (1993)
Dobrinka Tabakova (b. 1980): Whispered Lullaby (2005)
Sadie Harrison (b. 1965):New Work (2018) World Premiere
Amanda Harberg (b. 1973): Philadelphia Suite (2007)

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