Series 13

Every Tuesday in February 2019
Artistic Director: Clare Simmonds

Tuesday 5 February 2019, 1pm: Music for Liberia
Kamilla Arku (piano)

Tania Leon (b. 1943)
: Tumbao (2005)
Lainie Fefferman (b. 1982):Barnacles (2007)
Tara Creme (b. 1973): Suite for Prepared Piano, Volume I (2018) World Premiere
Virginia Seay (1922-2005):9 Pieces (1944) UK Premiere
George Walker (1922-2018): Prelude (1945), Caprice (1941)
Lowell Liebermann (b. 1961):Nocturne No. 8 (2003)

Tuesday 12 February 2019, 1pm: Women on the Verge 
Elizabeth McDonald (soprano), Emily Martin (soprano), Kathryn Tremills (piano)

Jocelyn Morlock (b. 1969)
:Somewhere Along The Line(2012)
Zachary Wadsworth (b. 1983):Present and Future (selection) (2015) UK Premiere
Cecilia Livingston (b. 1984):Penelope(2014)
Emilie LeBel (b. 1979): Blue in the Distance (2018) UK Premiere
Robert Spillman (b. 1936): Let Evening Come; Why I Have a Crush on You, UPS Man; Otherwise UK Premiere

Tuesday 19 February 2019, 1pm: Featured Instrument: Saxophone
Gillian Blair (saxophone), Lauryna Sableviciute (piano)

Lucy Pankhurst (b. 1981)
:In Somnium (2015)
Jenni Watson (b. 1985): Chasing Angels (2012)
Grace Evangeline Mason (b. 1994): Amongst The Cinders (2017)
Lucy Armstrong (b. 1991): The Singing Fish (2017)

Tuesday 26 February 2019, 1pm: Featured Instrument: Voice
Rebecca Hardwick (soprano), William Cole (piano)

Oliver Brignall (b.1986)
: This Room (2013)
Thomas Adès (b. 1971): Five Eliot Landscapes (1990)
Neil Thomas Smith (b. 1987): so much altered (2017)
George Chambers (b. 1988): Seven Harlem Songs (2013)
Lauren Redhead (b. 1985):New Work World Premiere

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