Series 15

Every Tuesday in April 2019
Artistic Director: Clare Simmonds

Tuesday 2 April 2019, 1pm: Featured Composer: Francis Pott
Joseph Spooner (cello), Francis Pott (piano)
Francis Pott (b. 1957): Cello Sonata (1995, rev. 2001) London Premiere
Francis Pott: This is the Morning (2016) World Premiere

Tuesday 9 April 2019, 1pm: Featured Composer: Tom Armstrong

Jane Chapman (harpsichord), James Woodrow (electric guitar), Jeevan Rai (electronics)

Tom Armstrong (b. 1968)
: Divertissements (2002, rev. 2018) World Premiere
Tom Armstrong/Jeevan Rai (b. 1987): Moto (2012-13)
Tom Armstrong: Diversions 3 (2015) World Premiere

Tuesday16 April 2019, 1pm: Eos Ensemble

Paul Evernden (clarinet), Thomas Ang (piano), Angela Najaryan (violin)

Paul Evernden (b. 1983)
: New Work (2018-19) World Premiere
Jürg Frey (b. 1953): Haut Jorat (2009)
Daniel Figols Cuevas (b. 1980): New Work (2018-19) World Premiere
Huw Watkins (b. 1976): Dream (2006)
Arvo Pärt (b. 1935):Fratres (1980)

Tuesday 23 April 2019, 1pm: St George's Festival Concert

Lisa Nelsen (flute)

Kenneth Hesketh (b. 1968)
: Gabo's Opus (2005)
Arlene Sierra (b. 1970):Art of Lightness (2006)
Eric Tanguy (b. 1968): Work for Flute (2006)
Paul Edlin (b. 1963):'C' (2006)Lowell Liebermann (b. 1961):Soliloquy (1993)
Mike Mower (b. 1958):Bodacious Funktitude

Tuesday 30 April 2019,1pm: Young at Heart

Rosie Bergonzi (percussion)

A theatrical concert, suitable for all ages, exploring performance, text and percussion, and introducing an instrument rarely heard before!

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